VCL Packages


A configurable LED/Button array.


A skinnable button/toggle switch with support for Unicode captions.

ThlTrackBar: Free!

A free component that extends the VCL TTrackBar by custom drawing functionality.


A very flexible software rocker switch control.



The ThlDipSwitch package contains two components: ThlDipSwitch, a single switch control, and ThlDipSwitchPanel, a configurable bank of switches.
Both components are  customizable in all colors, bevel styles, margins, etc..


The ThlRotarySwitch package contains two components: ThlRotarySwitch, a single switch control, and ThlRotarySwitchPanel, a configurable bank of switches..

ThlEdit: Free!

Allows the edit control content to be left, right or center aligned.

Before Windows 98 only multiline edit controls allowed for different text alignment modes. That is probably the reason why such a property is missing in Delphi/C++Builders TEdit. Alternative VCL solutions therefore derived from multiline edit controls and made them appear and behave as single line edit controls. This, however, often leads to other issues, f.e. the handling of Tab and Enter keys which have a different meaning in multiline edit controls.

ThlEdit is derived from the single line TEdit but provides a new property that includes the alignment modes first introduced in Windows 98. Under Windows 95, though, the text will always appear left aligned!

ThlResizer: Free!

Use ThlResizer to smoothly resize your form/dialog or other controls. Zoom in text fields, panels, images or enlarge your form to show/hide a section with detail information.