ThlLEDArray Package

Version 1.3



ThlLEDArray displays a configurable array of LEDs. The component appearance can be adjusted in many ways. f.e.: LED width/height, LED shape, LED Color, number of rows/columns, BorderWidth, BevelWidth, BackgroundColor, BackgroundBitmap etc.

Some possible scenarios for using it:

  • display status information for items like running operations, open/closed doors etc. Since the number of colors/states for each LED is freely configurable each LED can represent as many states as you need
  • use it as a progress bar
  • use it to simply display a running light to reflect the activity of some operation. You could even show scrolling text with it
  • the entire array can write itself into a bitmap and read from a bitmap. This can be used for persistence or to archive status snapshots etc
  • the array can also be used as a multistate toggle-button array
  • in the case of 1x1 pixel LEDs and zero spacing the array collapses to a bitmap-like color field that can be used to display contour diagrams. Have a look at the screenshots in the help file and the demo application

The package includes html help, a demo application and detailed install/uninstall instructions.

Currently supported Borland products: C++Builder 5/6, Delphi 5/6/7/2005.

For comments/questions about the software, its installation and registration, error reports and feature requests email to
mail@heelana.com. Your feedback is very welcome!



The evaluation version is fully functional but a nag screen pops up now and then.

Download Evaluation Version




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