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A tool to convert text files from Unix to Microsoft Windows format and vice versa.


FileAgent is a tool to view and change file dates and attributes.


FileLister is a tool for counting and listing files of one or more selected file extensions in a given directory and optionally all its subdirectories. You may also filter the files by date. Its functionality is similar to Microsoft Windows search dialog.

For each file extension the program calculates the size of all found files summed up and on demand displays a list of the file names. This list may easily be saved to a text file for further use.

For example you may specify ‘C:\’ as the directory to search through and ‘.exe’, ‘.dll’ as the extensions. Furthermore you specify that the file creation date should not be earlier than january 2002. The program will then find all dll/exe files on harddisk C:\ that have been created on (copied to) your system after 12/31/2001 and list the results separately for each extension.

Have a look at this screenshot.

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 9X/NT or up.