ThlRockerSwitch Package

Version 1.2



04/12/05: Version 1.2 adds custom focus rectangle indentation and fixes a few other issues.


ThlRockerSwitch simulates a hardware rocker switch control. Its functionality is similar to a CheckBox control. Instead of a checked/unchecked state it provides an On/Off property which is recognizable by an LED indicator. Typical real-world applications include light and power supply switches.


  • horizontal or vertical orientation
  • freely place the LED inside the switch
  • four LED styles: rectangle, diamond, ellipse (circle) or no LED
  • by default the switch colors seamlessly integrate with the current Windows system color scheme
  • all switch colors are customizable to fit a Non-Windows color scheme
  • LED colors are customizable
  • optional focus rectangle with custom indentation

Currently supported Borland products: C++Builder 5/6, Delphi 5/6/7.

For comments/questions about the software, its installation and registration email to
mail@heelana.com. Your feedback is very welcome!


The evaluation version includes a demo executable. A screenshot is available here: Demo


The evaluation version is fully functional but pops up a nag-screen now and then. HTML help and detailed install/uninstall instructions are included.

Download Evaluation Version


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