Version 1.0


ThlTrackBar is a descendant of the VCL TTrackBar component. It adds the custom draw functionality that is actually provided by the underlying Windows TrackBar control but is not exposed in the VCL TTrackBar wrapper.

The OnCustomDraw event allows for drawing custom ticks, thumb and channel (track). You are free to choose which item you like to draw yourself. If you want to keep the default appearance for one of the items set the DefaultDraw parameter to true in your OnCustomDraw event handler for that particular item.

The component has been tested with C++Builder 5/6 and Delphi 6 but should work with other versions as well.

For comments/questions please email to mail@heelana.com. Your feedback is very welcome!


The zip file also includes Example projects made with C++Builder 5 and Delphi 6. The example projects use the OnCustomDraw event handler to draw custom thumb and channel but keep the default ticks.


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